User centered design

On the start of our work is the process centered around users. It is all about iterative design and engaging the users right at the start our work. Very important part of our work is research - user interviews, surveys and observations. Next we test our prototypes with users and perform eyetracking research on the finished product.

Analysis and project opening

Starting the project with good assumptions about user needs is the key to successful project. It is usually a good idea to spend the righ amount of time preparing the analysis. Our experience shows, it saves a lot of time later in the project.Starting the project with good assumptions about user needs is the key to any successful project. Our experience shows that spending the right amount of time preparing the analysis is usually a good idea. It saves a lot of time later in the project.

  • Warsztaty strategiczne

    Workshops help to understand business needs and ouline scope of the project.

    We aim to open every project with a workshop.

  • Wywiady pogłębione z użytkownikami

    Observations and user interviews help us gather essential information about user expectations and needs.

  • Persony, czyli sylwetki przedstawcieli grup docelowych

    Personas are descriptions of typical end users. This tool, helps us to get in the shoes of users and gain their perspective on the product.

    Also, it helps us remember who we design for.

  • Ankiety są sposobem na szybkie zebranie informacji

    Surveys are most helpful when gathering information from a large group of users with wide range of expectations and needs.


Analysis and testing is the key to delivering best user experience. Depending on project stage and site destination, we use varied qualitative and quantitative research methods.

  • Audyt ekspercki - użyteczności

    Expert audit is a quick and effective way of evaluating website's or application's usability.

    It is based on proven usability heuristics.

  • Testy i badania z użytkownikami

    Examining the website or application with eye tracking device gives the most comprehensive analysis. It helps to identify and eliminate most usability errors.

Concept and design

The most interesting part of the project is looking for creative solutions to problems. Our designers work on open problems, where there is lots of potential solutions. The intuition and experience help in choosing the one that works best.

  • Szkice i ciche burze mózgów

    Sketching and brainstorming are ideal way to experiment and come up with innovative solutions.

  • Architektura informacji

    Information architecture is created as one of the first steps in the project.

    At this stage we often use card sorting.

  • Projekt funkcjonalny

    The first concepts are prepared in the form of interactive prototypes. These help us judge whether it is ready for further development.

  • Projekt graficzny

    Graphic designs are based on interactive prototypes.

    We always start with a few initial concepts to finally select the one that answers user needs best.